Welcome to the TurningLeafVITA Blog! A Place for Our Thoughts On Vitamins and Mineral Supplements.

Welcome to the TurningLeafVITA blog! We are a new company focused on providing the highest quality vitamins and mineral supplements delivered safely to your door. Launched in the midst of a global pandemic, we aim to put consumer safety first by allowing you to shop our products completely online. With this blog, we hope to share our thoughts and highlight some of the latest industry trends and information.

We are an early stage company currently offering vitamin products including a Multivitamin, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Calcium and Magnesium Citrate. We have focused on bringing the highest quality proprietary vitamin and mineral blends to you at an affordable price. We have focused on ensuring that most of our vitamin subscription options won’t set you back any more than your monthly streaming service. Making things better for you, our subscription is different than most!

Maybe you’re asking how our subscription vitamin service is so different? For starters, there is no required monthly recurring billing (like some of those annoying other brands require). When you sign up for our recurring service, you will simply get an email reminding you that it’s time for your next vitamin order. Also while others might charge you shipping, here at TurningLeafVITA your order no matter how large or small will ship 100% free!

We started this company because we saw such a void in the vitamin market for high quality vitamins at an affordable price point – we actually want you to want to take your vitamins! We are not interested in dumping a bunch of resources into a gimmicky algorithm that is only going to try to upsell you. As a medical doctor by training, I started Turning Leaf VITA with a focus on clinical research first. What we have built is a vitamin potency that is among the best in the world (you might even find it to be THE BEST… but we’ll let you decide for yourself).

Here at Turning Leaf VITA we are not pouring countless marketing dollars into expensive agencies, we would rather ask you to help us spread the word about our company so that we can focus our resources on building the best vitamin and supplement portfolio we possibly can. Please feel free to join our Vitamins and Immunity Group on Facebook where we love to collaborate and share the latest news and trends.

…and if you are looking for a vitamin, please give us a try and be sure to tell all of your friends (yes even those “friends” that follow you on social media too).

Author: Dr. Nina Everson M.D., Founder & CEO

About the Author: Focused solely on nutrition and wellness, Dr. Nina Everson M.D. is a medical doctor by training and leads the clinical research efforts of TurningLeafVITA while serving as the CEO of the company. For media or customer support inquiries, please email us at TurningLeafFit@Gmail.com. TurningLeafVITA.com is part of Turning Leaf Fit, LLC. All marks reserved. Copyright 2021.